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Learning from the Language
developed for TMEA 2012

Each language has inherent musical properties that can serve as a vehicle for improving choral technique. By effectively teaching foreign language repertoire, our choirs can improve their technique as they experience the world in the choral classroom.

From Compliant Choirs to Creative Musicians
developed for TCDA 2017 and OKMEA 2019

Move from passive choirs to a room full of student thinkers who drive the choir’s musicality. We can engage every student in problem-solving, musical interpretation, and higher-order thinking.

These Are the Greatest Games
developed for TCDA 2019

Discover games, bonding activities, and musical challenges that involve every member of the choir.

Game instructions

Dr. Who
developed for TCDA 2015

This invited panel presented "prescriptions" for common choral ailments from poor breathe control to passive attitudes.

Vocal Techniques for Choral Success
developed for Highland Park High School 2016

Identify which of the ten major vocal skills you would like to improve, then use these warm-ups and methods to help your choral technique grow and to meet your musical potential. 

Creating Creative Musicians
developed for TMEA 2016

Explore strategies that activate ingenuity in choral students, training them to be true musicians, not merely obedient performers. These activities facilitate inventiveness and leadership in our students, enhancing student performance, learning, and engagement without taking away from rehearsal time.

Go Bananas: Choirs That Play Together Stay Together
developed for TCDA Student Day 2018

Nobody sits on the sidelines! Discover games, bonding activities, and musical challenges that involve every member of the choir, then take your favorite activities home to your choir for retreats, parties, or fun Friday celebrations.

Good Apples: How to Win UIL and Influence People
developed for TCDA Student Day 2018

We will explore specific ways to be a mentor in the choral rehearsal. Learn how to lead a class-wide dialogue over the text of your repertoire, brainstorm creative new ways to be a help to your organization (from t-shirt designs to concert set-up), discover your ability to be a “musical doctor” for your section, and become the best leader of singers that you can be!

Building a Successful 3A Choir in a 5A World
developed for TCDA 2012

These tips for communicating, developing fun traditions, demanding excellence, recruiting, and involving the community can help small school directors build thriving choir programs.

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